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Short Term Rental Management Company in Estes Park

The Wolf is one of the best short term rental property management companies in Estes Park. We are boutique and full service. We handle the entire booking process from start to finish, ensuring a low stress experience for owners and consistent 5-star guests experiences. We are fully local, from management to cleaners, and are not a franchise. Our entire playbook and short term rental strategy was built from the ground up in Estes Park and is specific to this exact market, which is how we consistently fill our homes up at 90 to 95% occupancy year round.


Local to the core

We are not a franchise of a national vacation home management company. Our entire operation is customized to the specifics and quirks of Estes Park’s market, and based on three years of consistent growth of our own vacation homes. We live here and work here and have for years.

Believers in technology

We leverage the best technology in the vacation rental market to increase conversions and bookings. Because we are not a franchisee, we have experimented with dozens of management tools and utilities for STRs and have picked what works best. Nobody tells us what to do.

Seven thousand guests

We have turned our own homes into some of the most popular properties in town. By launch time, we had already hosted close to 2,000 reservations and around 7,000 guests over three years in our own properties. We know what we’re doing.

Quality over quantity

We are small and boutique, and plan to stay that way. We have no desire whatsoever to compete on volume. We only partner with owners properties we specifically feel are a good fit for our vision and business model, and then do our best to make them perform well. 


Guidance and Help: Before starting The Wolf, we experimented on our own properties for three years, hosting close to 2,000 reservations and around 7,000 guests. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We know who books what sort of properties on which online booking site, where guests come from, how far in advance they book, and what they like in a home. We have collected a goldmine of feedback and data from guests over the years and will utilize that to market your home and ensure guests are happy with their stay. Your success is critical to ours.

Listing Site Sync: Your home will be listed on various online travel engines, including AirBnB, the HomeAway family (including VRBO, Expedia,, and Orbitz), The Wolf’s direct booking platform (coming soon), and others if necessary. We say “if necessary” because we believe too many platforms can dilute your property’s performance on the most important booking sites, and some booking sites consistently produce problem guests. Should certain platforms become key to our local market (for example, or Agoda) we have the capacity to immediately list there. Your availability calendar will be synced instantly across platforms to prevent double bookings.

Pricing Parity: Different platforms charge different commissions and fees. You can read more on our pricing page. We will decide what your nightly payout should be using our own pricing experience, and then adjust your rates accordingly across the different booking platforms. A guest on one platform may pay a different rate than a guest on another platform, but the owner will receive the same payout.

Online Local and House Guidebook: We offer guests a custom digital guidebook to your home as well as to Estes Park’s top attractions. In our experience, this is a tremendous asset and greatly enhances the guest experience. The online guidebook also increases the rate at which guests read your house rules, which protects your property and your investment.

Listing Optimization: We will photograph your property across various seasons and write your listing description using techniques that lead to conversions. There is an art to listing optimization, and The Wolf relies on this art. It’s part of the reason our properties consistently outperform most places in Estes Park.

Pricing Management: We monitor hotel and short term rental supply and demand, as well as local events, and combine this with an innate sense of the local rental market to custom tailor your prices. Prices are updated on a daily basis in order to ensure fair pricing for guests and high occupancy for owners. Our prices are not one size fits all, and while we base our strategy on a computer algorithm, we are very hands-on.

House Manager: A house manager is essential for a great guest experience. We will handle guest questions and communication, any and all emergencies 24/7, restocking, and spot checking of the properties to ensure they are in good shape. If minor maintenance is required, we will organize that and add it to your monthly invoice. If larger issues past a certain dollar amount arise (ie, the fridge is broken and unrepairable) we will involve you.

Time spent on issues directly related to the regular use of your vacation home will be part of our fee, while time spent on additional issues will be billed at a separate hourly rate (for example, scheduling, organizing and meeting with a contractor about an spa or solar power array installation). Here are some real world examples of included house management:

  • Scheduling HVAC visit when furnace wasn’t heating the house. The diagnosis was dirty air filter. We authorized the air filter and relayed to the owner an estimate a new furnace since old furnace was showing signs of age.
  • Scheduling and meeting with an Internet tech at a vacation home to get the guests back online.
  • Scheduling handyman visit and overseeing labor of replacing laminate countertop that had been burned by a hot pot.
  • Meeting lock smith on site after a guest lost key
  • Minor zero-cost repairs (changing light bulbs, replacing a cabinet handle, tightening a toilet seat)

Owner Portal: You will have a custom login to our web site where you can see your calendar and availability, block dates for your own use, and check in on your reservations. We do have a limit on the number of days owners can stay: 1 week per season (Dec-Feb, March-May, June-Aug, Sept-Nov). 

Supplies: We resupply your home with the basics: toilet paper, paper towels, salt, pepper, cooking oil, coffee, washing machine detergent, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hand soap and dish washing detergent. We purchase in bulk and do not accommodate special requests for various brands.

Cleaning: We require you to use our partner cleaning company. You will be invoiced by our partner cleaning company directly and they will coordinate with The Wolf to organize the daily cleaning scheduling. The cleaning costs are flat rate, set by the cleaning company and charged to the guest.


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