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The Wolf was born from a need for quality, hands-on, cooperative vacation rental management in Estes Park and the surrounding areas. We are not a national company or a franchise of a national company. We are independent and answer to nobody but our owners and our guests. We are completely local, and our team has deep experience running our own personal vacation homes in Estes Park.

The short term rental market is understandably contentious, and we understand it’s critical to eliminate pain points for owners, guests, neighbors and the town’s code enforcement team. Our goal is to protect everyone involved in the short term rental industry by providing a relaxing, inviting and safe atmosphere for guests. The math is easy: high guest satisfaction equals occupied homes. Occupied homes are profitable homes. Profitable homes are well maintained and frequently upgraded, which means more satisfied guests. It’s a positive cycle for everyone.

We are committed to our guests, our owners and their business, our town and its regulations, and our neighbors. We accomplish our mission through automation, streamlining of each and every process from booking to checkout, and leveraging the best technology in the short term rental market. Nearly everything we do is based on numbers, market research, machine learning, algorithms and mathematics. We put it all together with a deep understanding of our unique portfolio of Wolf Dens and who would want to enjoy them.






Nate’s been involved in STR masterminds for years and has appeared on the industry’s most popular podcast, Get Paid for your Pad. He’s deeply inspired by sustainability and biophilic design and has shot weddings and adventure sports for 20 years.

As a long-time entrepreneur, he combines his knowledge of the vacation rental industry with deep experience streamlining businesses with technology. He was one of the original advisors to the Estes Chamber of Commerce’s Vacation Home Task Force.



Guest Services Director

Nancy is our primary house manager, whose energy, organizational prowess and commitment to customer service ensure our guests get the best experience possible during their vacation in the mountains.

Nancy began as The Wolf’s house manager in early 2019. By the time we officially launched in early 2020, she had been the house manager for 2300 guests and nearly 900 bookings. Her role has evolved into the Director of Guest Services.



Operations Manager

Matt began as a house manager to enhance our ability to ensure high owner and guest satisfaction. He lives in town with his wife and runs a rock climbing and outdoor guiding business. His ability to handle pressure is a great addition to our team.

Matt’s role has expanded into that of Operations Manager, but he also backs up Nancy as well. Their roles overlap considerably so we are able to provide our guests and our owners top notch service.




Maintenance Manager

Francisco has been an Estes Park resident for 8 years and has spent his hospitality career here repairing pretty much everything in vacation homes and hotels. He can fix everything from refrigerators to furnaces, drives our snow plow, maintains our hot tubs and generally keeps our properties in tip top shape.

Francisco takes great pride in using his skills and knowledge to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of our guests.


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